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whisperingsilk's Journal

I'm 15 and... hmm what do i have to say? Well, I'm asian and I want to be a doctor... BUUT only because I truly want to be a doctor and not because my parents are forcing me. :) Eventually, I want to work for Doctors Without Borders. Or be a glassblower. either, or.

I love to laugh, use horrible "your mom" jokes, and generally make a fool of myself but have a good time.

I'm passionate about global changes, and impacting the world, and if I could be anybody I would definitely by Craig Kielburger's right hand man (or woman :P ).

I am a band geek, a lover of concerts, a girl who wants to fit in, and a girl who wants to stand out. I am conflicting, and growing, and changing all the time, but mostly,

I am still just finding my way.
and more, and tamora pierce, anything by jodi picoult, be a band geek, breakfast club, c.s.i, criminal minds, greek, hang out with budds, house, indulge in fictionpress, ingrid michaelson, jane eyre (the book), jimi hendrix, laughing movies..., love to paint, love to watch... sytycd, read, sing horribly offtune, the dark knight, the o.c., thinking movies, velvet underground, violent femmes